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Did you know that there are nearly as many women seeking men for sex as there are guys seeking females? Yes the female population is certainly starting to catch up with their male counterparts when it comes to sexual freedom. From naughty wives looking for some fun outside of the family home to career women who put their work before a serious relationship the gap between men seeking a NSA sex date and women is certainly getting smaller.

For years now it has been seen that men are the ones who are most likely to shag around and the more likely to be unfaithful to their partner while the women are the ones who stay at home holding the family together but not anymore, times are changing. While the guys are out the ladies are not shy in coming forward in finding themselves some extra sex when the urge takes them, maybe we just see a growing proportion of promiscuous females due to our policy of automatically upgrading basic registered female accounts to full members for free.


Don’t be fooled into assuming it is just the married ladies who are increasing in their numbers; we are also seeing a large amount of single ladies joining up for no strings fun as well. The reasons we hear for the increased activity vary but some of the more common ones include;

Women who are too busy to be tied down in a relationship, they work long hours and coming home to a needy partner who expects their opposite number to cook and look after them is the last thing that they need, women who enjoy the single lifestyle but desire the physical contact.

Women who have just left a toxic relationship and who wish to experiment and enjoy some sexual freedom and women who just prefer to have a group of friends that they can call upon for no strings sex without a jealousy tag attached. Many of these women also find themselves with a desire to explore their bi-curious side.

Then we have the ladies who might have a fetish that they wish to explore and the older ladies whose husbands seem to have a problem in getting it up and they wish to find some satisfaction with a younger male, yes the granny dates as some call them are certainly on the increase. If you are a guy in need of some no strings attached sex then there are plenty of women out there seeking the same thing, we should know as many of them are already enjoying their free membership with us.

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