Your First Sex Date

From the experienced to the newbie, there is always a first time for those who are entering into the exciting world of no strings dating. The easiest way to define a no strings or casual sex date is that it is physical pleasure without the baggage. No commitment, no demands and very few if any emotions. The goal of your NSA date is to enjoy an intense and mind blowing personal connection with another adult. If you are sensible you will have built up an online rapport with the person you have agreed to meet and it won’t be a 100% journey into the unknown. Below are just a few pointers to assist you in getting the most out of your sex date.

1) Leave your personal life at home. Don’t talk to your sex date about work, where you work or your home life, you are not obliged to impress the person you are meeting and you don’t even know if you will ever meet them again after the initial date. The less they know about you the better, remember you are going on a casual sex date you are not looking for a perfect husband or wife.

2) Watch what you say. Don’t start a discussion about wanting children or wishing to get married one day, do not idol chat about anything that would lead your sex partner to believe that you were looking for anything more serious, you must always remember that this is a casual session not a search for future marital material.

3) Do not turn up to your encounter bearing any gifts. No flowers or chocolates, this isn’t a date, it is a meeting between two adults for sex. The only time a gift might be acceptable is if you are turning up with a sex toy or some erotic massage oil. Giving your sex date a gift will send out the wrong signals, it might even make them feel cheap like you are trying to buy them.

4) Don’t allow emotions to get in the way. If your sex date starts crying or getting upset and moaning that they are feeling used or if they start complaining about how their husband or wife does not understanding them then get out, call it a day and move on to another sex date. Once emotions start to get involved you are being unfair on the person who is starting to want more out of the relationship.

5) Don’t settle for just the one partner. The idea of having regular casual sex is that you meet lots of different people, not the same person over and over again. Variety is the key to a great sex life and casual sex with different partners is very fulfilling, it also helps you to avoid the trap of falling in love with someone who just looks on you as a sex date.

6) Keep up your standards. Don’t feel you need to hook up with just anyone who gets in touch with you, set your standards and keep to them. Not everyone will be as clean and as nice smelling as you, no we are not trying to say you will be approached by street tramps but you want to feel comfortable and excited with the person you are meeting, there is going to be the need for some eye candy appeal.

7) Set your boundaries and enjoy yourself. If you do not like anal sex and the person who you are meeting has stated it is one of their favourite sexual activities then ensure that you have told them no beforehand. If you haven’t it doesn’t mean you have to accept it if offered, you are always within your rights to say no to anything you feel uncomfortable with. If you have a fantasy about having your hair pulled while being fucked from behind tell your partner this, you don’t have to worry that they might think this is unusual; this is a casual no strings sex date where you are both meeting with each other to fulfil a sexual desire and maybe a sexual fantasy or two.

8 ) Finally do not obsess. Just because you had a great time it doesn’t mean you can turn your sex date into anything more serious. Do not start hounding or pestering anyone, if you had great sex the chances are your sex date will want to meet you again but not if you start allowing your own emotions to get into the way, if you think you are starting to fall in love then it is probably going to end in heart break for you so ensure that it really is just a casual sex date that you are after.

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